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Ah- oh, I may have bought the wrong AKG K 700 series hp. I have an unopened, still in the box pair of K702s. I prevoisly had a pair of 701s which I really liked but I wanted newer pair and a simpler path to recable. I read that the 702 was the same hp but had a easily replaceable cable so I ordered them up. I was always thrilled by the 701s open and transparent sound stage envelope. Some reveiwer suggested the K702 has a rolled off treble compared to the 701. If the 702 is less detailed in the top than the 701, I won't even open the box. I've read nearly everything on HeadFi regarding the 702 but no where have I read that the 702 is veiled, or less detailed than the 701. A anyone sell their 701s and replace with 702s and end up disappointed in the transparency after full breakin?