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Hello everyone.

I'm looking for some earbuds. I recently had some Skullcandy Fix buds and absolutely loved them. Unfortunately I lost these, so either looking to get the same ones, or something similar.

What I liked most about them is the comfort and the fact that they simply stay in.

So I'm looking for something just like that, and thought I'd ask here if there are any alternatives.

Basically, I like bass. If music cannot move you, literally, then there's no point for me lol. But I'm not one of those bass heads that would listen to epic bass while drowning out the rest of the music like you would see at car SPL events. But again, bass is very important to me.

With that in mind, the Skullcandy Fix sounded great to me. It's not quite as clear as I would like, and the bass was decent. But I'd prefer a bit more bass and better sound quality for the rest of the spectrum too. However, I would sacrifice some sound if I can find something with the same comfort as the Fix.

I previously had a fairly decent sound system in my car, with bass that would make my hair tingle and make my vision slightly blurry lol. So perhaps my expectations for buds are a bit high.

Thanks in advance