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Hey guys,


I have been looking around the internet for a new set of headphones. I have a budget around the €150,-.

I live in the Netherlands and i have seen quite a lot of price diffrences between the prices here and for example America, so with any suggestions i get i will give a price indication a store here. Í am by no means a audiophile but i did had a pair of beats studio which broke. i didnt like those for gaming and now i am looking for a more natural sound but a tight bass response.

I will mostly use it at home so i think a open headphone will be the best option since i also game alot (soundstage). I will be using it for 3+ so comfort is important.I have a microphone which stands on my table so dont worry about that.


My prefered music genres are: Dubstep, EDM, House, Electrical


Many recommend the ath m50 but i have heared that it isnt very comfi. Will the sennheiser hd 558 be a good option?


I will be looking forward to hearing from you guys.