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For Sale: HeadRoom Balanced Max Amp with DAC Option

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$1,000 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
HeadRoom Balanced Max Amp with DAC Option

Will Ship To: US and Canada

Price drop to $1,000...need to move this item to a new owner. This is a $4,000 amp...don't miss out!


It does not get any better than this amp and it stops the search for the next best thing.


From the manual:


HeadRoom’s flagship Max amplifier is nothing short of an all-out assault on the world of headphone audio amplification and serves as the gleaming culmination of HeadRoom’s 13-year quest to create the finest headphone amp available.


We employ a painstakingly high-quality build design that utilizes only the finest audiophile-grade components regardless of cost concerns to produce an intensely liquid, transparent and accurate sound rich in exquisite musical detail and jaw-dropping dynamics. The sense of space around the notes and the emotional nuances of the performance become vivid, expressive entities with the Max amplifier. The balanced version takes the Max amp’s performance up another notch by driving headphones via stereo XLR cabling and further improves the imaging, transparency and overall soundstage clarity.


The Balanced Max delivers the ultimately refine pure audio resolution we feel exists only on reference headphones. Let the Balanced Max become your personal route to transcendent sonic bliss and get it perfectly right between your ears.


Full details available here HeadRoom Balanced Max


Original price was in the $4,000 range.


Shipping to US and Canada only.


Not sure why my feedback says 0 here but I have sold numerous items here. My eBay feedback is located here. Any questions please let me know. Thank you :)

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Bump for a big price drop...don't miss out!

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what is the volume control -- the RK50 or stepped attenuator. either one, this is a great price. i basically have the same amp (balanced home with max modules and max dac). it is an incredible all in one package and will drive any headphone.

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Stepped attenuator :)


Hopefully someone will realize what a great deal it is and buy it :)

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$1,000 today only...off to eBay if not sold.

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hahaha! No sense it selling it so low IMO. Try 1500, it's worth at least that. 2000 was pushing it, you can get a BUDA/UDAC/DPS for 2000 and that's better because the UDAC is better than the integrated DAC in the max.


Somebody better get this until he changes his mind! You'll get one of those all time great amps, an amp that drives the HE6, is listenable with both the HD800 and the LCD2 and has bulletproof build quality.


Maybe it's the zero rating that puts people off ... you can't just start with a 2000$ sale. :)

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Thank you Eugenius!

I think my feedback got lost going to the new forum format. It was excellent. Please check out the link I provided in the post for my eBay feedback.

Thank you again for the bump.
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I don't trust links to external feedback unless I see some kind of common identification between the two. I just had to say that because there's a scammer around that got me to send him a photo of my ID (face-palm I know) and now is trying to pass my feedback as his. I've had two people message me so far about it. :(


I know an interested user might search the history of both accounts and find some common ground but he shouldn't have to.


Good luck with the sale!

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what a deal. at that price, i was considering buying myself as a second setup.

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