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New M50x-s causing pain

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So I picked up my M50x about 4 or 5 days ago and it's been hurting my left ear quite a lot after about two or three hours of usage. After looking at both left and right pieces, I noticed that the left one is perfectly round (the side that hurts), while the right one is not --


Not really sure what do to here...should I contact Audio Technica? Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Sure. I would contact AT. Looks like they might be different pads. Or if you picked them up locally, why not go back to the store?
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Odd ...the pads certainly don't look alike , suspicious texture difference 

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I don't think that the slight pad difference would really make the difference. I returned them because the clamp was too much and never loosened. It may be the same for you but that it bothers you more on the left side. 

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Where'd you buy them from?  I'd be interested in hearing what AT says back.

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So apparently I just had to spin the pad a little to get it like the right one.


It still hurts, albeit a lot less.

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It's good that's all that was with the pad differences.

Make certain you have each side of the headphone extended equally from the headband. Otherwise, the pressure of the pad on the ear could be different on each side.
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They're contracted all the way because my head's not very large.


It still hurts more on my left side, so I'll just assume it's because my left is already irritated from the incorrect pad shape.

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Definitely might want to give your ears a break for a couple of days if it's already sore.

If the overall clamping pressure seems a little bit much and may be bothering you, put some books about the width of your head in between the headphone earpads. That will help loosen them up a little.
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