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Open headphone

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Hi all,


After few closed backend headphones, I wanted to try an open one.

This will mainly be used at home, with a LD1+ amp.

I usually listen to classic rock, with some electronic and more recent indie music.

My budget is about £150, I can go higher if really worth...if not I'd like to stay a bit below that limit.


I was considering the HD598 and the DT 990. Some other suggestions?



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Yamaha hph200, very detailed and balanced sounding, quite strong bass.  Cheaper still, the Philips shp5401, just as good but not quite as much bass, slightly more treble.  Both extremely underrated headphones!

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SR80i + L-cushions. Astounding, if colored, mids and treble. Tape mod them for more bass.

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The HD598 is one of my favorite open headphones under $200 but it's a bit weaker on the bass without an amp, so I'm not sure if it would be the best choice for rock and electronic. Pair it up with a FiiO E7 or an Audioquest Dragonfly, however, and you've got a really well rounded system for a great price
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Other considerations can be:


DT880 (used)

Q701 (used)

SR225i (used)



An SR225 will rock your socks off and go great with your LD1+.

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