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For Sale: HeadAmp PICO DAC\Amp Combo

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For Sale:
HeadAmp PICO DAC\Amp Combo

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling 1xHeadAmp PICO DAC+Amp combo S/N 4XX.

The unit is in good condition with some scratches on the bottom plate and the battery is dead. (of course it can be used when connected to an electrical outlet)
The amplifier is very good and can drive demanding  headphones too.

Overall it has very clean and linear frequency response, very neutral and detailed. Low THD.
Used until recently with my Sennheiser HD800 (also great for CIEMs - used with my ES3X), and replaced with a bit beefier amp - Matrix M-Stage. Only for the extra peace of mind, knowing it can drive the headphones to deafening levels.

It comes with the original power cord, USB cable and leather pouch.

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Great price - a steal.  I use to have that stack combo, but with a different IC, and it sounded great.

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