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Wanted: WTB Grey Phonak Audeo Filters for 012

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WTB Grey Phonak Audeo Filters for 012

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I'm looking for some Grey filters for the Phonak Audeo 012. These are the ones that referencesque sound. I'm in the UK, will pay a fair price.



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For Sale: £25 (GBP)
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Hi BigAund,


In case you're interested, I recently bough a box of grey filters from here:


Had no problem with the transaction. Shipping costs are reasonable, not cheap considering the small item but far from obscene. It took slightly over a week to ship from Poland to Germany, IIRC.


I'm kinda surprised now that the description says "(pair)". I had a look at my order confirmation and it says "pair" as well, so I must have overlooked it the first time. Anyway, I received 8 filters in the sealed original packaging complete with box and fitting tool.


I may be willing to sell two of my fitlers but have no idea if that makes any sense at all as I have neither a spare box to send them in, nor a spare fitting tool.



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