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I am currently using the IE80 and simply love is wide soundstage and great bass with "oomph". I've had a very brief audition with the Momentum On-Ears and love what I heard. Especially the wide soundstage, however as I'm traveling often a IEM would be a more practical choice. 


In short. Any recommendation on a IEM with good isolation (the ie80 is too open for my liking), great soundstage, bassy and comfortable enough to sleep with (helps a lot on the plane). I am no audiophile, but need my music for those long commute in the public transport of the world. 


My current choices from reading in the forums here are:

1.) SM3 / SM 64

2.) ASG 1 / 2  


I can't seems to make up my mind if the additional $$$ would be worth it.


Any recommendation please....