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For Sale:
bryston bha-1

Will Ship To: CONUS

 i got this amp primarily because its balanced and i had just recently gotten  the lcd x

well the amping requirements for the lcd x are very different from the lcd2.2 .

so i'm thinking i might just let this go, and simplify my system a bit.

it is an awesome amp, its just more than i really need for the headphones i have, or likely to have any time soon

i'm the third owner of this special amp, its the early version, with no pre amp output.

included with the possible sale would be a pair of black dragon balanced interconnects

its so early in fact, its serial #02, i bought from a head-fier, who bought the amp from this ad

i'm pretty firm on the price, as it includes shipping to the CONUS, and paypal fees.

(don't forget you have the balance of the 20yr warranty, the amp was originally purchased in 2012

i have the original box, manual, receipt from moon audio

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