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FiiO E12/E11 and Denon D2000's

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I currently own a pair of Denon D2000's, and I use the FiiO E12 portable amplifier for it with my Gen 5.5 Classic iPod. After purchasing the amplifier, I noticed that the sound improved significantly, and I very much enjoyed it, but I believe it may be too powerful for my 25 ohm D2000's because I listen to my headphones at slightly less than half of full volume. I also learned that the E12 was designed to be able to power headphones that take a large number of ohms to drive them.


I was thinking I should have gone with the FiiO E11, but I'd heard that the FiiO E12 Mont Blanc sounded cleaner, so I just chose to pay a little more and get it instead.


Does anyone have any thoughts/adivce?



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There should be no problem enjoying the amp at less than half volume.

that's a good thing in my book, and surely the E12 has a better sound than the E11?


I use D2000s and don't find them that sensitive, but most of my amps I run about 3 or 4 out of ten

that leaves lots of headroom. One of my issues with the X5 is that on quality non compressed recordings I had

to have the volume about 8 or 9, and amps just aren't designed to be used like that.

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I suppose you're right. These headphones just seem to be easily driven by the E12, too easily. But if that's normal, or actually a good thing, for amps not to be cranked to close to full power when listening, then I may just stick with my Mont Blanc, plus it sounds cleaner and more even from what I've heard.


Thanks for the advice!

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I also own a D2k and just got an E12 as a gift. What's the proper setup for this if I'm using a MacBook without a line out?


I'm guessing using the S/PDIF output is the way to go, since using the regular soundcard headphone output means the signal is already "dirtied" by the soundcard (which may not be all that bad, but obviously an amp cannot improve the signal).


Another option is to return it and get an amp that works through my USB port, I suppose? And one that's not as powerful as the E12.

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Any tips? Seems like I need a special S/PDIF cable and converter to connect my E12 to my MacBook (and get the full benefits of the E12)?

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