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For Sale:
FS: Analog Design Labs Svetlana II tube headphone amp

Will Ship To: USA

Never thought the day would come, but here we are: I'm doing some upgrades to my Stax setup and something has to give. For sale is my Analog Design Labs Svetlana II, the first one (to my knowledge) ever imported to the USA. See the product page HERE and my review HERE


This thing is dynamite with Audio Technicas (among other headphones). My goal was to pick up a W3000ANV and maybe another W1000X to mod. The Stax rig has taken priority recently so this wonderful amp has not been getting enough use. For what it's worth I think this amp is on par with the Apex Peak/Volcano, and superior to the DNA Sonett and the Woo Audio WA6SE. I'm using the stock OTK "rocket" tubes because I like them better than anything else I found, including some fairly expensive stuff. 


Asking $900 plus we split shipping. The price for a new one is $1500 plus a month of waiting. Amp is in nearly perfect condition with no blemishes that I can find. 

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