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Well, with the overwhelming support of the forum (uhm, cough) I have researched, searched on Head-Fi and come to the question of whether I would like a Mav Audio, Schiit or Little Bot amp and or DAC for use with a pair of HD-650 or HE-400. 
Now as it was explained to me, these are on the opposite sides of the spectrum. Luckily for me, I listen to music on both sides of the spectrum. With that being said, this will be my first pair of good HP's not my last so if I begin with one side of the spectrum, I can always purchase some from the other.


Now that I hopefully gave myself a little slack from all those that want to tell me to... and are just members of a forum so they can have a little power over someone and make themselves feel better,

I am really open to any suggestions as to your experience with any of the manufactures of amps and DAC's from the aforementioned as I am lucky enough to have some discretionary income to make a mistake on an amp and my first pair of grown up HP's.


I really appreciate all those who wish to share their experience and help someone enter the world of the audiophile and enjoy life a little fuller in advance and want to say I enjoy being apart of the forum (with rare exception). I know now how to avoid double posting, so yeah me!!!


Take care and God bless,