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Originally Posted by James neutron View Post

In terms of features the Denon has, of course, many advantages. The O2-ODAC is a very simplistic, no frills, device with minimal connectivity.
For typical headphone use it is more than enough and it does have the power to drive demanding headphones.
The Denon is seriously under-specified for headphones, if the 50mW for 32 ohms is the accurate power output of the unit.
To put things into perspective your Dac Magic XS is specified at 150mW, which is 3 times more, and the O2 amp delivers 613mW into 32 ohms.

Ehhh...that is pretty low output. I'd stay away from it, too.

I think you'd be very happy with the ODAC/O2. I used to have the O2 separate with the ODAC and now run an Asgard 2 with the ODAC. I like the bigger volume knob and I needed the pre-amp speaker output of the Asgard 2, but the Asgard 2 is bigger and puts out a lot of heat. In terms of SQ, I wouldn't describe the Asgard 2 as a significant improvement.
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Thank you for replying.
The problem is that I can only test DA-300 at Denon salon but cannot test O2+ODAC. 

The Asgard II Amp's price in my country is the same as O2+ODAC.
Which DAC should I use if I buy Asgard? It looks very cool.

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I'd definitely encourage you to go and test the DA-300, it's always best to have first hand experience when you buy stuff.

As all our discussion has been purely theoretical I would suggest you bring the HD598 and Dac Magic XS with you.


To get an idea about the actual power capabilities of the Denon try to do this simple experiment:

Connect both the Denon and the Cambridge to a USB port, select maximum volume on both and compare the results.

If Dac Magic XS is significantly louder, then the specified output of the Denon is indeed 50mw and will most likely be useless with a more demanding headphone like HD650.

If the Denon goes louder than Dac Magic XS, then the specs are not accurate and it might be able to cope with an HD650 for example.


After doing this test you could A/B compare the two dacs at a more reasonable volume to get a feel about the sound quality of both.

You should be able to see very quickly which one is the better sounding dac/amp or if you spot any differences at all.


A test like this could tell you a lot more than we can and possibly save you some money in the process.

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Any news about the DA-300 test? Looking forward for any impressions. I have DENON AH D7000 and HIFIMAN HE-500, and Meridian Explorer. I wonder if the DA-300 can play louder than Explorer with HIFIMAN HE-500.

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