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Search for excellent noise isolation, passive or active

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Hi there dear community,


It's been a while since last time I went here and I'm really in need for good advises on this difficult question: how can I get rid of my super annoying, uber loud, painfully hyperactive coworker. I don't mean physically, this is not quite legal and you'll have to deal with the corpse, the blood on the furnitures, so definitely not a good idea even if very tempting. But at least making him disappear to my ears would be a much welcomed improvement.


I work in the IT department of a University, in the medical school part.


These are the noise types I need to get rid of:


- Human voice: he talks all time, even if he's alone, he talks to himself thinking out very loud. He also sings, badly.

- Crappy music: he listens to mexican songs, marriachis, then switches to the latest stupid club music he managed to find

- Phone ringing : he almost never picks up his phone, yelling at it that he's not there.

- Dumbphone beeps : yeah, you know, the kind of guy always texting but somehow never cared to disable the keyboard beeps.

- Crowd rumble: our office is just next to the lockers of the students, it's also where they get dressed for their practical sessions

- Constant fan hums from the dozens of computers around us.


So in short, lots of human voice, some background noise (I consider his music noise anyway), and crowd noise.


What I have to deal with: I need to be able to pick up the phone (hearing it ringing is not a big deal, it lights up when someone's calling), and quickly answer to my users when they come to see me in person.


Part of my job involves coding and other high concentration needing stuff, that's why I need to be able to isolate me the more i can.


I've already studied my options but cannot decide which to choose:


- Active noise canceling headphones like the Bose QC15, Parrot Zik and such, with good background noise canceling but not so good or inexistant human voice canceling.

- In Ears Monitors like the Shure 535 and such, very good at isolating but a pain to put in and out of the ear properly, especially if you have to do this repeatedly to answer people.

- Over the ear headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT 1350 that provide very good passive isolation at the expense of comfort, or one of the Sennheiser's.

- That Bose QC20i, which is not really an In Ear but has active noise cancellation, and look really fragile and with a non replaceable battery. Not sure about where to put this one.


My budget is around 300 euros and all the above cited heaphones are within this range.


I don't have the opportunity to test them, and I will have to wear them most of the day when I work. At the moment I'm using some DT 770 LE, very nice cans but they don't isolate me well enough from my noisy coworker.


Any help deciding which way to go ? Much appreciated !

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Shameless bump, but not only: I forgot to mention that I'm wearing glasses, which might be a concern when deciding between IEM/QC20 or over-ear closed headphones.


I won't wait too much before hitting the buy button, I'm quite in a hurry here, and I think that the safest choice for me would be the QC15 looking at those bazillions positive reviews.

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Nevermind, pulled the trigger on a pair of QC20i. On the paper it fills the needs. I'll see if it's also the case IRL. Heck, maybe I'll even do a review on them, I so love these topics where I am the only one answering...

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