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Originally Posted by Ndug15 View Post

...only thing I don't necessarily agree with in my experience with them is the clamping!

I'm hoping as I wear them the clamping force will dissipate a bit. I'm stretching them around a cardboard box when not in use to hopefully loosen them a bit. I don't think it would bother me as much if they were pressing against my head like true around-ear headphones rather than against my ears. Maybe my ears are overly sensitive to this.
Originally Posted by Ndug15 View Post

Also, on mine the battery always stays at 100% never goes down, so I guess we are both having issues with that (albeit slightly different ones)


Yeah, the Matrix2s also have a battery status, and the battery status doesn't work great for those either, so I'm thinking it may be an inherent Android/Bluetooth issue. What really bothered me with the Stances is that they just made a little sound and shut off without any other warning that the battery was getting low. All the other Bluetooth headphones I've tried have given some sort of warning (beeping, etc.). But this is my first battery cycle, so I'm hoping that was a fluke.

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Originally Posted by elektron View Post


I really don't understand why you keep insisting that this is the case when all publicly available information suggests just the opposite:


1) Sony discontinued MDR-1R when MDR-1A were released (i.e. the latter replaced the former).  Hint: the same will happen with MDR-1RBTMK2 in the first half of this year.


2) There is a thread on here called "Sony MDR-1A - Sony's latest update on the 1R", with not a single post in the 26-page discussion contradicting this statement.


3) Then there are professional reviews like this one, with the opening statement asserting that:



I presume the journalist got this information from Sony along with the review sample.

I could go on, but I don't see the pont...


If you know something we don't, would you mind sharing it with the rest of us?


You are also suggesting that the 1A series doesn't sound better than the 1R series.


Once again, this goes against all available evidence, including technical information such as the driver specs, as well as the professional and enthusiast comparisons (both here and on Amazon), with many of the 1R owners upgrading to the 1A after hearing them.


And these are just the passive versions.  The MDR-1ABT will have the advantage of improved electronics / active circuitry compared to last year's 1RBTMK2 (not to mention the inclusion of LDAC with a compatible source).  So, in theory at least, the improvement in the sound quality will be even greater.


And you still keep insisting that the 1ABT are NOT MEANT to sound better than the 1RBTMK2??


While I appreciate your dedication to the cause of finding the perfect bluetooth headphone, the fact that you are giving advice based on factually incorrect information does not help anyone.


P.S. Not sure what point you are making in regards to AptX.  It will not make bad headphones sound good.  But what it will do is give you the ability to listen to CD-quality FLAC without compression.  That's all.  If you only listen to MP3s then you shouldn't care about AptX as it won't make any discernible difference in this situation.

Ha, you should work for Sony. Because after reading  your post, you singlehandingly convince me to get the MDR-1ABT as soon as it hits the market!!


Also, your point on the aptx and how one benefits from it. Well, my Note 4 has a 128 gb class 10 sd card, and I got it crammed with Flac files. I got Guardians of the Galaxy, Kill Bill 1 & 2, and a zillion others all in FLAC. My Sony MK2 just babies my ears with smooth sweet clear sound while on bluetooth.. 


Again, thanks for your write up, I am on the MDR-1ABT like  hot on rice... :gs1000smile: 

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