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Hello gents, so initially I was interested in Grado headphones, but since what I listen to most is very bass centric (The Prodigy, Rammstein, Ministry to give some examples) I've come to the conclussion that maybe I need some other headphone, they will be driven by an iBasso DX50 that I will acquire together with them.


So far I have in mind the following:


-Beyerdynamnic DT 880 Edition 250 ohm.

-Audio Technica ATH-M50

-Senheiser HD 600-650 (Very unsure, above price range, but could be done at my discretion provided they are exactly what I need)

-Senheiser HD 598 (Very unsure).


Please do keep in mind that altough I want good bass, there will still be guitars in there (altough bass tuned). Also if you plan on suggesting other headphones, keep in mind that I am buying the stuff locally and not everything will be available.


Thanks in advance.

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