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For Sale: HD800 and Woo Wa7 for Sale

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For Sale:
HD800 and Woo Wa7 for Sale

Will Ship To: Canada

Up for sale are my Sennheiser HD800 and Woo Audio Wa7 tube amp as I have not had enough time to use them. 

HD800s are S/N: 15xxx - $1100 USD - They have about 250 hours of use on them and are in great condition! The pads have no visible signs of wear and are very comfortable. The only problem is a very small scratch at the bottom of the headphones where the connectors are. As seen in the pictures - in which it is difficult to see - it is a minor mark!

Woo Wa7, stock tubes +  Electro Harmonix C645 gold plated pins - 1000USD - this amp is in absolute perfect condition. 2 months old, literally has not moved since being taking out of the box and set down.

Omega headphone stand - $50 

Free shipping in Canada and will add a bit of a discount if you wanna pay in CAD

I am in no rush to sell them and am currently waiting for someone interested in both. Feel free to PM if you would like to purchase one of the two and I will keep it in mind!
Please contact me by PM if you are interested or have any questions. I am not looking for any trades so thank you but I am only looking for cash at this time.

Sold to B0b. Thanks very much!

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Can you please verify your asking price? The add states $1100.. I that just for the HD800's?

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Originally Posted by adidino View Post

Can you please verify your asking price? The add states $1100.. I that just for the HD800's?


Yes 1100 is for the headphones. In the body of my post it states the price of the different items listed  :) 1100 headphones, 1000 amp + C645 gold plated tubes, 50 for the stand.

I put 1100 as the the posted price since this ad is in the headphone section, sorry if it was confusing

Have a good one!

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I assumed as much. You should consider correcting the asking price on the header to reflect the title. Can be misleading...
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I changed it. Sorry if I mislead you, I thought it would be clear that I was indicating the price of the headphones. 1100 for both would be the deal of the century! In any case, I shouldnt assume such things. The asking price reflects the amp and the headphones together.

Thanks for the tip :) 

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