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Hello All - 


This is my first post on the forums.  I have been following the site for the past few months and finally got the gumption to sign up.  


I started wanting to get into headphones this past January when my brother-in-law got a pair of Sony MDR-1R headphones and I says to myself "I want some..."  So I start researching and read a ton of articles and posts.


I typically bought cheapish earbuds and heard a lot about the Monoprice earbuds so I bought a ton of 9398's.  I have always been rough with buds and figured for 10 bucks a pop, when one dies I can just pull another pair out of the drawer.  These had to be the best pair I had ever bought, and wanted to learn more about what I can do with this headphone "thing"


I then heard a ton about the Superlux HD668B and bought a pair of those with a Fiio e10 to drive them.  Now these are even better and I am officially hooked.


My question to you all now is, I know that isolation is key to getting the best out of your earbuds/IEM, and the cheap tips that came with the Monoprice's are pretty crap.  Any recommendations on upgrade tips that would fit these?


I also just got an Xbox One and wanted to know what would be a good headphone setup to game with on the Stereo Adapter that they have available.  I would get a headphone/mic splitter and get an external microphone for voice chat, but I want something that would be good for enjoy music, the game audio, but still be good for competing in Titanfall and Battlefield.  Anything from the most affordable recommendation up to about $500.  I have the intention of these being my "all-around" cans. 


Thank you in advance for all of your help.  Let me know if I need to go deeper into any of these requests.


P.S - I also read the gaming headphone review article.  I think the Creative's sound good, but I don't know if I should go and get a better one.