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Tried out a pair of Audeze LCD-XC's the other day...

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So I came home to see lord_tris and KrunchyLex listening to some music with these giant headphones.  Taking a first look at these megalithic wooden clam shells, the monstrosity of this is only dwarfed by it's sheer weight.  Having them handed to me, I thought this had some sort of Kryptonite as they weigh a metric ton compared to everything else I've tried.  The cable looks a bit "meh" with how solid the headphones look.  Once I managed to set them on my head and manage the proper neck muscle-to-bone stability (I'll have you know right now, I was not going to pull a Gobbles and end up with my head dragging on the ground!), my ears entered the lambskin vacuum to prepare me for it's playing debut.  Not knowing what these were, I took turns trying them out on the Asgard and they sounded really good.


Later on Eee Pee came over with Mew-Mew (Mjolnir) and I took a dip and plugged them in.  Wow!  These sound very nice.  From the Vivaldi's Summer to Bjork's Army of Me to front man of Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan's Kingdom, these and more sounded very, very good.  There's a certain warmth, some kind of intangible butteriness that defined the lows and mids without diminishing the highs that I am quite fond of.  The headphones really does well with the closed cans and when paired with Mew-Mew, I almost felt like I'm sitting next to the violinists, front and center stage, right up against the microphones, hearing with fine clarity so many of these minute details that I've easily missed out on in the past.




And now, with my massive inexpertise of headphones and audio equipment, here's my assessment.


--The Audeze LCD-XC's are visually a bit intimidating.  However, the cable being all flat instead of rounded just doesn't seem to pair up well for me.

--Color.  The color of the wood could have had a more of a dark cherry wood finish (but that's just me) however the shininess makes you want to lick it for fun.

--The weight.  Oy!  It feels like you need to work out in order to be able to wear a pair of these.  You swivel your head and it feels like you need to put in effort to keep it from spinning on.

--The lambskin cushions.  They do feel very nice but after a short while my ears were getting quite warm and I didn't want to risk sweating onto them.  Putting them on and then readjusting makes it feel like you're entering and exiting pressurized zones.  

--The sound.  Very, very nice with impressive clarity and a realistic feeling of being there in the moment with the music.


Overall, they're quite nice to listen with however the heaviness of the headphones can be distracting unless you were intending to be immobile for a while.  Visually speaking, they look like the "man's headphone's" if you would ever need to genderize it but the cable misses the mark.  For the average retail price of these, I would not purchase them due to the comfort issues I had, but I can see how someone may pick them up in a heartbeat to keep to their collection, provided the correct amp is being used with them.

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These were amazing through the Mew Mew not so much through the valhalla just for kicks. lol. Asgard did nicely but I did have an excellent time with them and everyone else as well. 

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