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For Sale: V-Moda M100 matte-black (like new)

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€150 (EURO)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
V-Moda M100 matte-black (like new)

Will Ship To: EUROPE

A pair of like new funny bass cans shipped from Spain to anywhere. 



150€ + shipping to European countries (15€). Firm price, not negotiable.


I will send the package by UPS/SEUR/others  with tracking number and 150 EURO insurance included. Other shipping methods are also accepted, just ask me and we'll see. Always with tracking number. 

Paypal payment (of course lol), bank transfer also accepted. Any case, I won't cover paypal/bank fees, I will refund the payment if tax isn't already covered by you.   



About the headphones: 


- Less than 30 hours used. Rare head size, uncomfy for me.  
- Brand new (see photos)
- Matte black. 
- All accesories (box, the two cables, plugs, the case.. all of them) .
- Invoice (8th July 2013) warranty (479 days left) plus lifetime warranty directly with V-Moda (not registered yet, so you can register with your name, voucher code included).

- Impressive bass quality plus the better and hardest built quality I've seen (Before M100 I owned a pair of mythic HD-25-II and those are even more durable..


I have multiple feedback on different Spanish forums, I usually find national buyers but in this case I'd like to sell the headphones asap and not many guys are interested on these, on Spain we prefer the big B logo cause they're fashion headphones :facepalm: 


You can check my feedback on GSMSpain (mobile phone forum, +90 feedback), Hard2Mano (hardware forum, +30 feedback), Forocoches (misc forum, +20 feedback), (Spanish "head-fi", +6 feedback) or Ebay (NemesSix user, +31 feedback but no one from selling). Ask whatever you want! :)




As you can see, brand new

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Only for EU customers because shipping cost :(

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Check your inbox, still for sale.
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Sold to nashking101, shipping pending.
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