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I'm trying to decide which one to buy to supplement my Denons 7000. Any suggestions? Or shall I buy both HD800 and T1 :-) I did try both of them and actually liked both. However listening to HD800 i had a clear thought that I was listening to something really special. HD800 was also more comfortable, it did however leaked so much sound i'm scared my neighbours could hear me.


I'm a bit scared about HD800 being very picky as far as amps are concerned. I'll be looking for an amp which could do good service for all three: HD800, T1, Denon 7000. Any suggestions? I've tried to read some info about amps and it seems like violectric v200 would be a good choice to drive all three of them. I could get Musical Fidelity HPA-1 at a good price. My DAC is probably going to be musical fidelity DAC 1. 


I would appreciate any suggestions!