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For Sale: AKG Q701 - Mint - Price Drop

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For Sale:
AKG Q701 - Mint - Price Drop

Will Ship To: Lower 48

The quick and dirty:


These are literally like new headphones that I have only put a few hours on for the purpose of A/Bing with the K712's. There is no wear at all on them and everything originally included is included. Even the box looks immaculate. Only non-stock feature is that I removed the bass port stickers for the bass mod. Don't want to return to Amazon so I'll sell here so someone else can benefit from my curiosity.


Selling for $170 $165 + shipping to lower 48. I'll eat the Paypal fees.


The drawn-out backstory:


I owned the Q701's before I moved the K712's. I never had a chance to A/B the two, I just blindly upgraded. They're relatively cheap on Amazon now ($199 new) so I decided to pick up a pair and compare them back to back. I'm debating about selling the K712's as well, so I was kind of hoping the 701's would be a good step down and I could sell the 712's to fund a future Audeze purchase. I was immediately reminded of the 701's lack of bass, even compared to the 712's. So I did the bass-mod (removed the stickers over the bass port) to the 701's and compared again. I left the stickers on the inside of the black, Q-branded piece in case I wanted to put it back. Well, I still prefer the 712's over the 701's and since I did the mod, I didn't feel like I could ethically return them to Amazon. So I'll offer them up here. So, like I said, they're basically brand new. I haven't even touched the longer of the two cords and everything else is in perfect condition.


* these were made in Austria, not China.

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