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Evening all, 


I wouldn't normally just join somewhere to ask advice but this seems like just the ticket for my current thrilling dilemma, so would appreciate any help offered.


I've just lost my current in-ears, a pair of Sony XBA-2ip's.  I found them to be really decent to be honest, and importantly very robust, and with a full remote for the iphone.

So, what I'm going to do is either just buy another pair, or push the boat out for something better, which is where the IE80's come in.


I'm pretty reluctant to go that far costwise, particularly as the 2ip's are £120 at the moment, however, I spend 2 hrs on a train every day, so I might as well make it as nice as possible.

I can't budge on the inline remote and mic, so that helpfully rules out quite a few options, and I am set on the price range which hopefully helps further.  


I listen to a complete mix from Ska to Jazz, to deep house, all via the iPhone.  So a chunk of music is old and a fair distance from audiophile quality, which I'm guessing, would make the IE80's a bit pointless.  However, when I'm jazzin out, I really want the quality. 

So, given the above, is it a bit of waste to go almost double the price for the ie80's (as I need to get a new cable with remote) or shall I stick with the Sony's?  I'm also concerned about the replaceable cable on them popping out and me loosing an earphone down a drain or something.


Many thanks,