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Someone help! IEM questions.

Poll Results: Which IEM performs the best?

  • 16% (1)
    Shure SE215
  • 50% (3)
    Vsonic GR07 CCE
  • 16% (1)
    Etymotic Research HF5
  • 16% (1)
    HiFiMAN RE400
6 Total Votes  
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Budget: Up to $150 but I'd really like it if I don't go up this far.

Source: Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung laptop, Asus laptop

Requirement for Isolation: It would be a plus to have a isolation.

Preferred Type of Headphones: In the market for IEMs

Preferred Tonal Balance: It really varies on the music so I guess it doesn't matter to me.

Past Headphones: I have the Sennheiser 380HDs right now and they're fantastic.

Preferred Music: I do not have a problem with any music.

Right now, I have 4 choices of IEMs I'm thinking about purchasing. the Shure SE215 vs. Vsonic GR07 vs. Etymotic Research HF5 vs. the HiFiMAN RE400.

I don't have a problem with what kinds of sounds they produce, more than how they perform. Although I do own a Sennheiser HD 280 Pro, so I might be biased on more neutrality then not.

I just wish to get a pair that performs well, sounds fantastic, and fits great because in-ears are not my kind of thing.

They're all around the same price, but a little bit more information below.

  • The GR07s that I will purchase is an eBay item that is supposedly the Classic Color Edition. I have not found any stuff revealing if the Classic Edition matches the sound quality of the other GR07s or if they actually did not use the bio-cellulose patent from Sony.

Actually I think that's about it with the product information. I'm actually looking into a 5th option, the Brainwavz B2. I've also heard a thing or two abou the RHA MA750, and also the DUNU DN-1000, but I don't really want to search any of those up anymore, so if you guys can tell me how they fare against those IEMs I've picked, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've heard they were pretty good, but I haven't actually researched anything for myself, so if you guys own it or have used it let me know how it sounded.

Again, the thing I'm worried about is performance. So please let me know which performs the best against each other. It really doesn't matter to me what kind of sounds they produce, whether it be dry, airy, warm and dark. It really doesn't take away from the performance issue that I have so I don't worry too much about it! Thanks guys.

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If you listen to a wide variety of music, then i think the best all rounder would be the GR07. 

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Even with all the comments that the CCE is getting? I've heard they are very good in their own rights, but do not compare up against their prodecessors like the original GR07, or the MK2 version.

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Take a punt on the Etys. Here's why:


1. The sound, while detail oriented, still has enough of a bass presence that you'll get a good balanced sound. Source material IS important though. The Ety's will only reproduce what's there. If it's not in the recording, you're not gonna hear it from the HF-5. Period.


2. Etymotic's customer service is, flat out, the BEST in the industry. I have had issues with both of my sets and Etymotic replaced them quickly, and with no fuss. They really do care about their products and stand behind them 100%. And this level of service is from an American company!


3. The Etys respond quite well to Amplification and EQ. Not enough bass for your liking? Add a touch of bottom frequency EQ and the Ety's will give it to you.


4. Build quality and accessory pack ins are quite generous for the price. You get a carrying pouch, replacement filters, and tips. If you decide to go the custom route Etymotic will give you a voucher for Audiologist fitting.


5. At $150, they're a steal. Not cheap enough to be a throwaway, not so expensive you'll be second guessing yourself and suffering from a serious bout of buyer's remorse.


6. Isolation. With Foam tips, they isolate at -42 dB.

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I was leaning over to the Etys ever since I've read the 311 IEM guides made by Joker actually.


They seem like a very trustworthy company, and I feel as though the HF5's will definitely be a guaranteed smart buy. Although I can't seem to pull the trigger on it. 


If I do purchase it what are some eartips I should buy separately? I've heard their eartips aren't very comfortable or that it just doesn't sit/fit well.

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I dived into the Ety's and they were $90 refrubished. Is buying refurbished a problem?


I feel like at $90, they were such a steal that I couldn't turn it down. It was actually cheaper than all the ones I was looking at up at top!

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Refurbished from Etymotic? Should be no problem at all. As long as you have a warranty everything should be okay. Hopefully you got a range of eartips packed in with your package. As for what kind of eartips you might want to buy, that's really a matter of personal preference. If this is your first set of IEMS be aware of the fact that fit is CRITICAL for good sound. If the eartips don't fit well you'll lose all your bottom end and it will sound like a hamster farting in a high wind.


You should have gotten a couple of pairs of triple flanges, a couple of pairs of medium foamies, and a pair of mushroom tips. You can purchase all of these tips directly from Etymotic. There are also comply tips you can purchase and you can also purchase foam eartips from Shure as well (The Shures and the Etys share the same diameter nozzle). I personally just went with the Etymotic foam tips because they're more durable. I tried a pair of comply tips and found they didn't last all that long and I'm a little leery about trying Shure Olives because they're a bit of a snug fit and I don't want to risk breaking my nozzles off of my prized earphones.


Lastly, don't count out going the custom route down the line. If you like the Ety sound and you think you're gonna stick with them you'll save money in the long run with a good set of custom shells. The comfort alone is worth the price of admission.


Congrats on your purchase Jinntakk! Follow up and let us know what you think of the sound!

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Well not directly from Ety themselves but from a company in Amazon.

So I don't really know if the warranty is in place or not.
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The vsonic gr07 mkii bass edition is my favorite all rounder and can be had on sale now for about $130 shipped. 

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Where? I was trying to look for that edition with no success.
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Looks like lendmeurears is out of stock. They are offering the gr07 mkii standard edition in VERY limited quantities. Shipped from usa for $130 shipped. 


Amazon has the bass edition for $180:



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I have a bass edition that I had put up for a rainy day after they were d/c that I might let go of. 

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Yeah that's a little bit out of my price range. But if I were to get the GR07 then I think I'd get the CCE version what do you guys think?
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