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For Sale or Trade: Upgraded Little Dot MK III (UK/EU)

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For Sale or Trade:
Upgraded Little Dot MK III (UK/EU)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi folks, I have this tube amp for sale/trade. It is in great condition and the only issue with the amp is the LED, which eventually stopped functioning. Apart from that,this amp functions accordingly. The amp was used moderately, possible around 100-150 hours in total and is just over a year old. This is the US version(110v),so you will need a step-down transformer, which costs around £15.


The tubes that come with the amp are:


- Electro Harmonix 6H30Pi-EH X2

- Soviet 6H6n X2



- Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV X2

- Mullards 8100 X2

- JAN GE 5654 X4

- Stock 5654 X2


Buyer pays shipping + any additional costs.


Not looking for anything specific, so send me a PM. 


Thanks for viewing!

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For Sale or Trade: £150 (GBP)
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