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DIY CIEM resistors and capacitors

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I started a project that I knew would blow way over my head, but I've decided to stick with it (hopefully not to a bitter end). Anyway, I've decided to challenge myself with making a pair of custom iems with 1 TWFK receiver in each ear (seems simple right?), well, I've never done any of this electrical engineering that a lot of y'all have, so my biggest question is what would be the best resistor and capacitor combination to use on each of the drivers to get the absolute most out of them, so I won't need an amplifier. I'm not really looking fro charts that I have to read and interpret all of the ohms and symbols and stuff just to get a range of resistors and stuff, I'm just looking for someone (hopefully with personal experience) who can just say what resistor cap combo works best with the TWFK on it own. And if possible, could someone throw up a picture of a schematic where it's just the TWFK with a resistor and cap so i see what it looks like?

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What are you trying to accomplish with the capacitors and resistors? A crossover? There's some good info here

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I did some more research on the subject and realized that the TWFK can be standalone and just needs to be hooked up to the headphone wire, it already has the correct resistance (I read around 32-43 ohms somewhere) to be used with an iphone. So far, I have everything for this project, I just need a Dremel and a female connector for my Westone wire, any suggestions?

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.1 uF capacitor on the tweeter. Someone told me it's the set up on ue700
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You will need a capacitor.

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If you did finish the IEM, could you post the schematic what you used (TWFK reciever, capacitor, resistor) in this thread as I want to try my hand at this.

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