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[Interest Check] SLC, Utah Meet!

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Hey everyone, I live in the Draper area, last post I saw from utah was around a year ago.  Is there anyone that'd be interested in getting a meet up going?  If so where are you located?  This will help for finding a venue to have the meetup! 

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I am in SE Idaho but am a Salt Lake native.  Would enjoy coming down for a meet up.  We get down to SLC probably every couple of months to visit family and friends.

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I'm interested, but I won't be back in the state until June.
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I'd be interested.  I live in Saratoga Springs.  Would love to meet some other local head-fier's.  Would love to see the gear others around here are using.

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Alright cool, so we have at least 4 people now.  Maybe a meet sometime this summer?

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I'm down in Orem, I'm definitely interested.   

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In... Cottonwood Heights.

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I'd be down,      Murray.

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Lets organize a special Christmas meet smily_headphones1.gif
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