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Hi guys,


I have just bought a second hand car with a standard-installed Clarion CD-player/Radio with AUX inputs in the back. As I am an iOS user I would like to enable AirPlay wireless streaming to this car stereo. I am looking at a budget solution <$100 preferably and it looks like it should be possible. I have found a few options worth considering. 


1. One guy selling a kit he calls AirEnabler which uses a small TP-Link router with modified firmware and some cheap D/A/converter cable to get your signal to the stereo. About $50 but does not ship outside the US.

2. Buying a Raspberry Pi and installing XBMC which supports AirPlay and then sending out the signal from a USB Audio interface connected via one of the USB ports on the Pi. The Pi has a notably bad sounding USB port and unless you get a really good soundcard you will have problems. 

3. Buying AirMusic, a device from China which reportedly has AirPlay support and powers via USB. It has a mini-jack and SPDIF audio outputs which looks promising. Costs $50. 


With all these options there is opportunity to make use of a third party DAC to improve the signal.


I would love your input on this project as I have found a few different ways to go about it. Please suggest some great budget DACs, or possibly a car stereo with SPDIF or USB input which is known to be good. 


Thanks in advance!