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Yeah, I'd guess that at your normal ~1m length everything will be fine. And you've got extra stuff for shielding too! I guess you're set :-D


As for my 7m run, there's no craziness or nervosa going on there, it's just that I want to power my switch and router with the LPS-4, but it's going to be beside the Geek Pulse-Xfi, and the other two are in another room. So I just need 2 long runs to connect the 2, that's all. 


As for the new campaign, that's a bit annoying for me. Sure they can say "this won't affect the timeliness of our other campaigns ~AT ALL~", but that's ********. Of course it's going to eat up their time. I guess they're thinking they better strike while the iron is hot, but still, I don't think I'll be getting any more involved in any of the ongoing stuff. I'll just let it unfold and take what I get, I'm tired of asking questions and waiting and whatever. I'm sure the Wave will also have all kinds of crazy upgrades and turn out costing at least twice as much too...


I've been down the portable DAC/amp for my Android phone before. It's better, for sure. But it's not that impressive because of ALL the additional environmental noise. It drowns out too much of any gain(benefits) you get. Will you be picking one up?

I did order a Wave, as I have been looking for a DAC/amp solution for my Android phone for a long time.  I am hoping that LHLabs might be successful.   It was a bit of an impulse purchase, but I'd rather get in at the very cheapest point to increase my chances of getting 100% of my money back if I sell it once they hit retail.  I am typically in quiet places when I listen on the go, so there could still be a use for this, but since my main portable right now is a Bose QC15, maybe I just wasted $380 :)


I understand the frustrations that a lot of people have, as I am an impatient consumer who wants my toys now (still waiting on my GEEK Out 450).  But as a businessman, and a student of entrepreneurship, I have seen the common hazards and mistakes that come with growing from a very small team with exciting ideas to a team of a couple dozen with millions of dollars and a ton of product on the line.  I think they have actually done pretty well all things considered.  The biggest downfall was setting and managing expectations, but I don't think they had any idea of the type of success and fervor that they created.  They didn't know what they didn't know, but now that they do, I think future products will go more smoothly.  Then again anything that is not only crowdfunded, but also crowd designed is going to have unrealistic expectations, so this might just be typical of LHLabs going forward.  As long as the products end up being as good as they hope they will be, then all will be forgiven in the end. 

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I really have no clue how those power supplies are designed, and how much efforts you guys are willing to invest in this project. But reading this thread, I can't stop thinking about this:




If possible, I would try to move R2 to the amplifier side of the cable, so that the PSU regulates at this point, and not at its output. This way you really don't care about cable impedance as the PSU adjusts itself in consequence. 


But then I have no clue if this is possible with those PSU designs, or if its even worth the trouble.

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