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I have been here a while and have a good pulse on what is available, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking anything new or obscure.  I have the HD650 and HD800 which represent two different sound signatures, so I need the DAC/amp combo to play well with both.  I am looking for as compact a footprint as possible that gives me enough power for orthos (the efficient ish ones, not trying to run an HE-6 or anything), rear outputs for powered speakers, and preferably balanced output (though I am more flexible on this one).  


I really like the size and functionality of my Nuforce HDP, but was looking to get more power and resolution.  I had a CEntrance HifiM8, which was almost perfect, except it didn't have any real line outs (I didn't like using a cable from the headphone jack to the speakers).  


I have backed the Pulse X from LHLabs, but it is looking like they will have to increase the size of the case.  I also ordered the LPS, so it looks like the setup, no matter how good it is, will take up more room that I want.  The Audio-gd NFB-28 has all the features I want, but is about twice as big as I'd consider.  Schiit stacks are out too.


Any other suggestions?  Combo units that do well at all things?