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Looking for new IEM.

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After much research and recommendations, I've come to conclusion of 4 of the best IEM that I could find for the price. I just really need help deciding with it.

Although I am not set on those 4 IEMs I feel as though with how far my research has gone, these are the 4 best IEM I could find.


Shure SE215.

Classical choice for a very good IEM for budget.


HiFiMAN RE400.

Another classic for an IEM under $100.


Vsonic GR07.

This one I am pretty unsure of, because of the fact that the GR07 that is on sale in eBay is the CCE version of the GR07, and I do not know how that one functions or even compares to the GR07's before.


Etymotic Research HF5.

I've heard this one is a little better in terms of sounding then the 215, but I haven't actually heard it so...


Those are my 4 researched IEMs.

They're pretty much in the same price range, but I have not demo'd any of them out. So if you own it please give me your insights to what you think is the best one out of these 4, or even suggest your own, because I really am not settled for one.

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What kind of sound are you going for and what are you thinking of pairing them with? Guessing your budget is around the sub $100 mark? Might be able to help :)

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I don't really have a lot of issues with what kind of sound I get from an IEM. I listen to a variety of music, and I could go for a warmer sound, or a richer sound. It really differs through the day. So I'm not too much worried about what sound I'll get, as much as how good it sound. If that's what you need.


I do own a Sennheiser 380 Pro though, so I might be favorable to a more natural sounding IEMs maybe.


This is going to be my first pair of IEMs though, so I care more about how they perform rather than what kinds of sound they produce.

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You know I really quite like the Thinksound TS02's. The build quality is superb and they do have quite a natural approach to sound. Also… if you're environmentally friendly then they'll certainly appeal. I think they can be found for $99.99 and are an absolute bargain. Not too sure if they are much known on Head-Fi? Still they might suit your needs down to the ground :)

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I will consider that option. Thanks so much for the suggestion!
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Sound signature is going to be a BIG factor between the four IEMS you have shortlisted. I only have experience with two though, the Shures and the Etys. The Shures are a decent all around balanced sound with a but of a mid range emphasis. The Etys, on the other hand, are all about accuracy. While not as neutral as the ER4s, the HF-5's give you about 80% of the sound signature. If you're looking for a warm sound, or you like listening to dub step or anything with a lot of bottom end thump, the Ety's won't be for you.


It really depends on your musical preferences and what kind of sound you like. Are you a detail freak? Do you love accuracy? Do you like a really warm sound? Details man! LOL

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Here is the new thread I started because this one wasn't getting enough attention.


I don't really care too much about sound signature, just because I listen to a very wide variety of music, from live performances, big bands, classical, to electronic music, and to modern pop. So I guess I'm more focused on what overall sound is produced than the sound signature. 


I don't have a problem at all with warmer sounds, nor a bright sound. I am in favor a little bit of a natural/neutral sounding IEMs, but even then that's so little that I wouldn't look at a gear just because it has a neutral sound.


All I'm searching for right now is, quality of the product, and how it performs.

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