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$230 (USD)
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For Sale:
iPod Touch 5th Generation 32gb Silver/White

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a 32GB Like-New iPod Touch for sale. The back is colored silver and the front is white. It will come with the charger cable (however, the cable sleeve is slightly slit near the lightning connector--can order a new one). The back is practically scratch-free, the top-left and bottom-left corners have little tiny indents in the casing (again, barely noticeable), and there are small scratches next to the headphone jack (only would see it in certain light and angles).


This iPod has been taken care of very well and I have a few spare screen protectors for those who want them. I also have a partially broken case (but can still be used and really doesn't look bad IMO) as well as an unused pink backed case to be used.


-iPod 32gb silver and white
-Lightning charger cable
-2 screen protectors
-1 brand new pink and white case
-1 partially broken but still functional case (black and grey)
-Jailbroken (if wanted)