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For Sale:
Audio Technica W1000X

Will Ship To: Anywhere

My W1000X's are up for sale...

I got a great deal on a pair of W5000's and it is the next step to the W3000's... (don't want to have the wife faint over a 4 figure headphone purchase...)



The W1000X's look and sound awesome. The ear pads are not stock, I remember the ear pads to be more flat. These I can fit my ears 'inside' and they seem to close off a little better than the stock ones. I favor these over the stock ones.

I didn't try to fit them on the W5000 yet, so they are still yours...

I don't have the original box, but I will ship them in a generic headphone case I bought on Ebay for $25. The W1000X's will come in a velvet pouch.


I am looking for $350 plus shipping and 3% paypal fees.


Please PM me if you are interested.

I can send pictures if you are serious.


I do not want to trade (unless you are offering me something so awesome that I can't refuse)

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