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For Trade:
Young Single Black Noble Audio N4 universal IEM Seeks Attractive Gray Sennheiser HD650 or Beyer T1

Will Ship To: USA

I am looking for a high impedance headphone like the Sennheiser HD650 for my BH Crack on Speed.  I picked up a like new condition N4 from this very forum not too long ago and haven't used it.  Comes with all of the original accessories (tips, box, case, bands, etc.).  Your HD650 should be of the silver driver variety and also be in pristine condition with all of the goodie accessories (box, stock cable).  May also entertain a like new silver driver HD600 but you will need to throw in a little cash or aftermarket cable.    


Trades will be with established members that have trade history or extensive presence in the forums.  Little feedback or little forum presence means no deal unless you send your item first.  Limited to USA for ease of transaction and unbalanced import taxes (mainly your end).


I also have a fabulous Tralucent T1 amp that is going to waste.  Like new condition with all of the accessories.  Maybe you have a Beyerdynamic T1.  N4 + T1 amp + cash for your T1 headphone?