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For Sale: RSA "The Intruder"

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For Sale:
RSA "The Intruder"

Will Ship To: North America

After two business trips I decided that The Intruder was overkill for my needs, now it's just collecting dust. Don't get me wrong, the amp sounds incredible with my JH13's, but I decided what I already have is sufficient enough to drive the JH's. With that said, this amp hasn't even been broken-in yet with only 6-8 hours of actual use, no burn-in time & in excellent condition with no scratches (pic upon request). Yeah, it's that fresh. SN N009 without the current upgrade that RSA is offering for this model. Will let go for $550 including shipping via PayPal. Comes with original bag, box, and charger. 

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interested in buying this for $500. PM me if you accept :)

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