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Hey guys, so I've been doing a research on gaming headphones but it's been tough to find the ideal headphones. 


I got sick of spending 50 bucks on headphones like TB or other brands like that to either be dissapointed or for them to end up broken. So this time I'm willing to spend about 200-300 € to buy the ideal headset (for me). First of all I'm a basshead so headphones that have "shy" bass or no bass at all, are out of question. Even if they have great quality, having no bass is a big dealbreaker for me. That being said I'm mostly gonna use the headphones for gaming altough I listen a lot to music too. Even being a basshead I know quality is important (specially for games and music) so I don't want to get headphones that have overwhelming bass making the rest of the sounds unhearable. I thought of getting a pair of sony's headphones since they seem to be perfect for bassheads like me, but as I mentioned above, I'm gonna be gaming a lot with these headphones and I'm guessing sony headphones are not the best for games.


Basically I'm looking for balanced headphones that have a good amount of bass and treble but at the same time good quality for games and for music. I don't mind if they're stereo headphones or 5.1 although from what I've heard 5.1/7.1 headphones have more but smaller drivers making the sound quality being worse so maybe some stereo headphones would be better (besides I can get a mixamp if I feel the need to have 7.1 surround sound in the future)


I did some research but honestly all I found was the senheiser PC360 and the Astro A50 (in my price range) although the PC360 seem to have little bass (I never tried them so I'm just quoting other peoples word) so I'm tending on getting the A50. They seem to have great quality and a lot of bass but people told me they're not very good for music. That can be due to the fact that they listened to stuff like rock or other music where the bass has not much importance. I'm more of a DnB guy. since I really enjoy some good dnb with a punchy kick so maybe my opinion on how the A50 play music might be diffrent. 


So what do you think I should get? If you have experience with the headphones mentioned above or with others that you consider better than please tell me about them , I really want some headphones that'll be worth the money I spend on them, even if their a little expensive.