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For Sale: Sold: DNA Sonett MK I

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For Sale:
Sold: DNA Sonett MK I

Will Ship To: CONUS

For Sale: DNA Sonett headphone amplifier. This amp is in excellent condition as you can see from the pictures. It sounds great and functions perfectly. The pictures in this listing are of the unit for sale. I took them myself.  Buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees. Please contact me with any questions. Sorry no trades.  Thanks for looking.


Here are some notes from Donald North Audio:


DNA Sonett vacuum tube headphone amplifier 
The DNA Sonett vacuum tube headphone amplifier brings the natural clarity, purity, and engaging sound of single ended triode (SET) amplification to the headphone listening enthusiast. Hear your favorite music with unprecedented fidelity and emotional involvement with this fun to use, retro-styled amplifier. 
My design philosophy is direct, elegant solutions without needless complexity. For headphone listening, a single tube of the appropriate parameters with proper transformer loading provides the right balance of gain, current drive, wide bandwidth, and low distortion without any feedback. In this role, the 6H30 is the perfect tube. 
Most modern headphones are very efficient, producing 95-100dB with just 1 milliwatt (1mW) of input power. This means they don't require significant power to play loudly. However, what they do need is very high quality amplification to allow you to hear all the fine nuances in your music collection. From my experience: The simpler - the better, using the purest components in a complementary manner. 
Listening through the Sonett, you will also easily hear the differences in tonal balance, resolution, soundstaging, and overall sound presentation among individual headphone models. 
Design features include: 
• Purist class A single ended triode design featuring the 6H30 Supertube

• Transformer loaded output - custom made to DNA's specifications in the USA 
• No coupling capacitors or cathode followers in the signal path

• Selectable output impedance: 120 ohm (IEC setting) or 28 ohm (Low setting) via toggle switch 
Some headphones are designed to be voltage driven (low amplifier output impedance); others are meant to be current driven (high amplifier output impedance). Depending on the headphone, how you drive them can affect their tonal balance. Many high-end headphones are designed and tuned around the IEC 61938 specification for 120 ohm amplifier output impedance, yet virtually no headphone amplifiers offer this standard output. Using the Sonett, you can now hear your headphones as their designers intended. 
• Just the right amount of gain: 6dB w/IEC setting; 1dB w/Low setting 
Many headphone amplifiers have too much gain, thereby restricting the useable range of the volume control to the bottom of the potentiometer where the dual sections are imbalanced, causing one channel to play louder than other. Through the Sonett, you'll have plenty of volume control range with proper channel balancing at any setting.

• Flat and extended frequency response with very low distortion

• Zero feedback or other error correction trickery 
Triodes are naturally low distortion when operated into a high impedance load such as a transformer with proper specifications. They do not require feedback to attain low distortion. 
• 5AR4 tube rectified and choke filtered high voltage power supply 
The 5AR4 is an indirectly heated rectifier with natural slow-start function for prolonged 6H30 tube life.

• Point-to-point hand wired audio circuitry using carefully selected audio-grade components

• DC heated for black background - no noise

Input impedance: 50Kohms 
Dimensions: 6.5" H x 13" x 9.5" D (16.5cm H x 33cm W x 24.1cm D) including tubes and connectors & controls. 
Mains voltage: 110V

DNA Sonett headphone amplifiers are proudly made in the United States of America from the finest components available.

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