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I love bluetooth technology. That versatility. And adapters build-in in many devices.

I'd like to somehow connect my PS3 console (optical) and old gamecube (mini-jack) to bluetooth headphones. What's more, i want surround effect in headphones. I can for example build that system:

PS3/GC -> Dolby Headphone processor with analog output -> bluetooth transmitter -> bt headphones

But here digital signal is changed into analog (DH processor) and later back to digital (BT transmitter). Here i lost much on quality.


Maybe is possible make this without analog signal? Only digital? Maybe someone saw BT transmitter with surround support? Or DH processor with optical output (2 channel PCM) (after hard search ive found bt transmitter with optical input but doesnt support surround)?


PS 'Turtle Beach' headsets can partially resolve this problem but i want use only bluetooth.

PPS Someone saw bluetooth headset with support in the same time HSP and A2DP (high quality sound + microphone)?

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