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V-Moda M100

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I know that the M-100 is very popular here in HeadFi and after months of saving up, I am finally able to afford it. I just had one question though.


The M-100 came out about a year and a half ago and with new headphones coming out every year, I'm a little hesitant on spending this much money if there's going to be a newer version coming out soon.


So at this point, is the M-100 still worth it, or is there another headphone that you would recommend? Conversely, has anyone heard of an M-200 release date?

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V-MODA's new "M-200" is the XS.  However, IMO the M-100 still sounds better than the M-80.



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So it's basically a foldable M-80?

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Originally Posted by mkt89 View Post

So it's basically a foldable M-80?

Yep, and it should have a more neutral sound than the M-100 if that's your thing.

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