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Hi all,


the question stated in the Topic is pretty much it - I am looking for people who had/auditioned/extensively compared these 3 iems. Are shure SIGNIFICANTLY better than audeos?
I'm asking, because I am in the market for new universal iems and I want to hit it right at the 1st time.


I audtioned, albeit only briefly, w4 and pfe 232 - and pfes had this wow factor right from the beginning, I loved the highs too - clear, reverbant and with appropiate decay.

W4 on the other hand, everything sounded right, but ONLY right, nothing actually moved me while listening, I also consider them too calm, I think.


I come from se530 and the qestion here is  -  is se846 much better than pfe 232 ? haven't heard shures 846s, I love the highs and bass of audeo, but I am afraid i'm going to miss the mids of shures 530, especially this aspect of the mids  which  added to that extra mass of guitars and vocals. I am afraid that audeos may sound to thin on guitars. Am  I right, or areyou, 232 owners completely satisfied with the way audeos recreate the mids in the recordings? ( my music pref  - mainly rock from the 60s,70s,80s plus some jazz )