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are you looking to change its internal ssd or are you looking to hook it up through usb docking ? it is entirely different story. because the former one is straight forward. the first one is way more technical knowledge involved

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I was thinking an external would be just ok plus theres sme really tny ones that dnt get n the way
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then just get a docking and ssd with capacity of your choice then you're all set. lastly, if you're looking to use the computer as transport and school needs, get a better ones like baytrail processor, ie. dell venue 11, i think those are fanless. better still wait till the newer generation is out which will be soon

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Sooo long as its fanless it will produce no extra noise into signal/audio path?
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Not necessarily. Moving parts also come into play, so you would want something with a solid state drive instead of your typical hard drive.

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I recently spent $40 on a second hand netbook, $40 on an ssd and installed daphile.

Fantastic setup for $80.

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netbook have fan. did you took it off? can't help but noticed that you're Canberan......ANU alumni here, love Canberra. Looking forward to visit again. Hopefully soon

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Ah a fellow canberian! Yeah turning the fan off can be done in many ways.

The easiest are:

Set the CPU to one of its lowest power states.

Physically removing the fan and using a laptop cooling pad (gel type) instead.
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Buy a raspberry pi for like £30 and plug in your external hard drive

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Hello everyone again. So I now have the money saved up amd was wondering if you all could help me pick. The tablet I am wanting to get its uses will be mostly for college and music. I have been looking strongly at the dell venue 11 pro suggested by forbigger as it has a pretty good size and quality keyboard to go along with it separately. What I'm curious on is if the baytrail processor will be sufficient enough or if I should waste an extra 200 and get the i5 version?
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If I were to get the baytrail version wgat benefits would I reap if I were to invest into an i5 nuc like 6 months in the future
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the i5 version comes with fan inside. if you can wait a bit, new gen of atom processor is coming soon 3rd qtr. supposedly faster vs current baytrail ie. 3740. current baytrail is adequate for office work. unless you're into IT programming then its more than good

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Like how soon would it be before august thats when my semester starts and I want to get it before I start
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no idea really. dell venue 11 pro plus docking station maybe your answer but doesn't come cheap ,close to 700. the docking station have 3 usb input. runs on z3770 so should be fanless. another option is venue pro 8, if you can store all your music collection on 64gb micro sd (maybe 128 too), it has usb otg so you can output the music to the dac. this is much cheaper alternative but capacity constraint. pops up frequently on refurb for 170-190 fr 32gb. try spend a bit more and buy a 64 ones, you'll need it

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Docking looks awesome add-on to turn it into mini desktop as I can get a bigger keyboard for it o_O
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