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broken grado sr325is

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I have a pair of grado sr325is I've had them for 4 yrs. about 5 months ago the right speaker just died, can they be fixed or are they a lost cause? Thanks for any help.

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Grado's are definitely not a lost cause, there are a lot of do it yourself people on this forum that could help you better than I, but I've heard by a lot of people that with a hot air gun, or even a good blow dryer, the driver can be easily removed and a new one pushed back in.  The difficulty is the wire, its run through the cup which means removing and reattaching, though, would have to re attach it to the new driver in any case.  


This is where you need to decide if you can do it though, have to have a soldering iron, and be competent enough to solder the wires onto the new driver without overheating the solder to the point where the driver wires spring free.  If you dont feel like that is something that you could do, then I'd contact Grado Labs and ask how much he would charge to replace the driver.


If you feel that you could accomplish this yourself, you would still have to order a replacement driver, find someone with one, or change both drivers with newer ones (such as magnums) with the same dimensions.


Hope this helps, and I'm sure that some of the more accomplished diy'ers will chime in with some more details

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will try some of your suggestions .                                   

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awesome, the driver is just glued in, so if you get the glue hot it just lets loose and the driver comes right out (but I have only read this on the diy forums and the grado mod forum

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