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Please, no hating on Bose! Yeah, the audio quality from these phones is mediocre for the price, but that's not what I bought them for. My main phones are HD650's and I love them dearly. I got the Bose for listening to on my exercise bike and most importantly for watching video at night without disturbing someone in the next room. An open back would be fine.


I tried and returned to Amazon 3 other pairs before getting these. I mainly wanted them to be so comfortable they "disappear" when watching a movie. Oddly, when listening to music the HD650's (and almost anything else I've tried) are just fine for hours at a time. Not so when watching a film - I'm always aware that I have the phones on.


The Bose AE2s are very light and quite comfortable at first but the pleather ear cups make my ears hot and sweaty after awhile. Still, they're the most comfortable pair I've tried.


Does anyone know of compatible ear cups that are made of velour? Or anything else I could try?