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Hello i'm SyluxEdge

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Hello nice to meet this great forum i'm SyluxEdge and i'm a newbie in audiophile so i need help with choosing my audiophile kit and i need good recomendations about equipment that let me hear musi, play video games, watch movies or series in the best and most realistic way possible. I want this more for music like electropop, electroclash, dubstep, EDM, Heavy metal, nu metal, hard techno, techno, hardcore, happy hardcore, darkcore, new wave, gothic metal, darkwave, coldwave, instrumental, symphonic metal, death metal, ¿what equipment and which models and accesories can be good for all that kind of genres? 

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whats your budget? Are you ever going to take them outside? Whats your source?

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I will take the headphones outside but obviously the speakers and all the equipment that have something to do with speakers will be in my house, when i say to watch movies i'm refering principally to speakers and that kind of equipment that should be in home but when i say play video games and listen to music i'm refering in part to outside and inside home (when it treats about outside means what excellent headphones you recommend me and inside means what excellent equipment you recommend me for listening to music, watch movies and play video games in home) now i dont have too much equipment, i just have gaming headphones turtlebeach x12 for the PC but i'm asking here about excellent equipment for what i ask cause the next year i will be able to buy some equipment and the prize won't care for me the next year so i'm looking for what you recommend me i dont have specifications if it should be something cheap or something expensive, i'm just asking in this forum for users to recommend me excellent or great equipment from outside use and inside use too

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For the genres of music you listed it's pretty hard if not impossible to find a better pair of headphones than the V-Moda M100 if portability is factored in.


For more info on the M100 check the dedicated thread here on head-fi.

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