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For Sale: HEED CANAMP modified

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For Sale:
HEED CANAMP modified

Will Ship To: Continental USA

FS: HEED CANAMP with the following modifications:All 6 capacitors replaced with Nichicon KG Gold Tune; power supply diodes replaced with Shottky high speed, fast recovery; ceramic power resistors replaced with MIlls; NE5532 IC removed and IC socket installed allowing you to try different ICs if desired; stock NE5532 replaced with ON NE5532AN low noise; blinding blue power on LED replaced with low intensity red LED. The Heed is a Class A single-ended amp that has a great sound with most dynamics. Highly recommended for the AKG 700 series also. Price includes PayPal fee and shipping in the continental USA. PM me with any questions. Check my feedback and buy with confidence.

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Price drop to $250.00.

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