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Headphone recs under 200

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For the past few years I've used the Sennheiser 428's with a little mod to improve bass. However they have broken and are still under best buys warranty so I am thinking of upgrading. These have been great for the price but I want something better.

Half the time they will be used at home with my record player through the Pro-Ject headbox headphone amp. The other half will be while I'm skating to class or work and back. I'm aware it might be hard to compromise these 2 needs so I'd rather they be more focused toward home listening.

I listen to all genres, a lot of jazz, trip hop, psychedelic rock, folk, etc and would love for them to have a large soundstage and still have moderate bass.

So far I've been researching At Ad900x's but am also a big sennheiser fan.

Any help will be appreciated!
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Welcome to head-fi.


Do you have any budget in mind?

Also, do you prefer closed or open?

Judging by your need of sound stage, you'd probably prefer open but just asking...




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I'm looking for something around the 150-200 range. I'm on the fence but leaning towards open. Open to recommendations for both though
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Fidelio X1
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