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Beyerdynamic warranty in Canada?

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I purchased some DT990 premium 250s last month, and the left driver is making static-like noises on heavy bass, even at low volume. I immediately thought it was a hair, and took it apart down to the driver, and couldn't find a damn thing.

Now, it says to send it to some place called Sound Surgeon, in NY, but I don't know if it's the appropriate place if they weren't purchased in Canada.

I called beyerdynamic USA and the lady on the phone didn't know either.

I called Sound Surgeon and nobody answered the phone.

Anybody here ever gotten their beyers repaired/replaced on manufacturer's warranty from Canada? If so, where did you send them?


I'd appreciate any help or insight anyone could provide me :(

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You know what, I experienced this issue with the DT250's… Although I shouldn't really say, or advise, this my problems cleared up after I blew gently at the driver and it seemed to sort itself out. Has there been any moment that you might have accidentally sent a blast of audio their way or connected them into a source before it was switched on? Not too sure what else you can do buddy, sorry to hear that you are having these problems. :(

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I tried blowing on them, to no avail :(

I took a chance and sent them to Sound Surgeon on my dime today, fingers crossed. They're pretty much my only hope.

I always left them hooked up to my o2 amp because the 3.5mm jack is ridiculously tight and I got tired of plugging it in and out several times a day for fear of wearing out the connectors or something (I don't know. Maybe I'm just lazy.) But I never heard an audible pop or anything to that effect when I would turn it on, so I honestly didn't think it was doing any harm.

Honestly, I only caught the hi-fi bug a few months ago, so I really didn't know any better. :( Could that have caused it? 

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I hope that they are able to hope. I would image that was probably the cause of any damage… Headphones are sensitive animals, it only takes one quick pop to screw both, or even one, driver up. Learning the hard way is never a good pill to swallow :(

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I learned the hard way, but I certainly won't be making the same mistake again, so that's a plus. Thanks for your help!

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Peter from Sound Surgeon got back to me today and informed me that it is, in fact, the right place to send it to, and that they will cover return shipping :)

Let's hope my warranty wasn't voided by the fact that I opened it up to check for a hair. I figure they wouldn't sell user-replaceable pads if removing them would void your warranty...

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For any Canadians in the future that might be in the same boat as me, here's what to expect.

I sent these out on the 14th, and just got them back today (March 31)

Great service. In fact, it only took three business days to come back on the return trip, and that's including customs.

Although I do live in the Toronto area, so it might take a tad longer to show up if you live in a rural area.

Very happy with the service, beyerdynamic has themselves a lifelong customer :D

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Good news for me..

I'm in Vancouver, and my beyer A1 amplifier just had a technical defect.

I found the Sound Surgeon too, but was not sure if they would repair it or not..

Now I'm sure. Thanks for the information!

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No worries, glad to have provided some hope to someone!

Unfortunately, you'll have to cover the shipping costs to get it there, but they will ship it back to you for free, USPS priority, and probably airmail. Still, a small price to pay for a free, quality repair in my opinion.

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