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Yes and Yes :-)
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that's great :)

wavepack hybrid is good for saving storage space, while managing only one high res library.

you just need to sync the lossy files on a 64g sd, and keep lossy + correction file on a "home" computer for high res playback


another question,

I have been reading some of this thread, and I am a bit confused on the rockbox install and rollback procedure for DX50

where should I look for the "definitive" one ?

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Anyone compared RockBox DX50 vs stock Fiio X3?

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For installation: mrbunch s instruction on the first page, maybe with e newer rockbox zip.
Rollback on xzccs bitbucket page linked on the first page
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Big news: the port has been merged to the official rockbox repository! :-D
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Does this mean it will be official soon? I have rb on my dx50 now bit afraid of updates or using themes. I'm sure I'll screw it up. :-/ I haven't updated mine since June I think. Any major improvements since then?
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Originally Posted by cholero View Post

Big news: the port has been merged to the official rockbox repository! :-D

Well done, congrats! That's great news!

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Originally Posted by headwhacker View Post


Great, thanks a lot. looks much better now.

I'm glad I could help. :)

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Originally Posted by cholero View Post

Big news: the port has been merged to the official rockbox repository! :-D


Congrats, that means I have to start updating the port for DX90. :beerchug:

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Unfortunately the DX90 port does not start. I made a test build and @deho tried it. I think it would be great if you could take the official repository and do your changes again on it. Well and of course it would be very helpful if you could find out what the problem is.
I think you did too many tweaks that all of them could be accepted in the repository but I think this ones would be the right ones:
* Make the port start
* Change the backlight off and on behaviour for the crackling issue (i think with the state as the official repository is, it could be easier to integrate backlight off/on and even touchscreen ignorance on backlight off. I will try this as if my dx50 was a dx90)

That is it so far. Menu tweaks and button modifications I had to take out, too much mofications on the core code.
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I would like to get people working on the iBasso ports working on Rockbox more generally.  Usually for rockbox we try to do two different kinds of commits:


1)  device specific, so things like new ports, drivers, hardware optimization, etc

2)  not device specific, so things like new features, UI changes, plugins, codecs, audio effects, etc that affect all players


Ideally if you want to make a change to the UI or whatever in rockbox (basically, the /apps folder) it should be applicable to many different devices, or at least all devices were it makes sense.  Things in the firmware/target tree are usually just for one or a few devices.  So if possible, try submitting fixes to the DX50/90 port separately from anything else, and I can just blindly approve them without having to get people to test them on other devices (Android, etc).


If you want to change something that will impact a lot of devices, that is possible too, but much more testing is required.  

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Originally Posted by nekromantik View Post

Anyone compared RockBox DX50 vs stock Fiio X3?

Yes, I have both. It's not even worth comparing them - one stinks, one does not. The x3 has an accentuated upper midrange and a UI that seems to have been designed by an teenager who's never used a DAP before. The DX50 with rockbox has a nearly flat sound and a highly evolved, extremely robust UI that's fully customizable to almost any users needs.
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Originally Posted by deho View Post

You're both welcome. If there are any bugs, don't hesitate to report them to me.

Deho, thank you for your work !

Would it be possible to change a bit the Aluminart theme that I use principally:

- There is no more volume control by the touch screen. Is it possible to separate the display from the album cover in 4 (top left and right for volume, lower left and right to change the track) ?
- Forward the song by the scroll bar is a very good idea, however the track quickly starts a loop. Do you think it is possible change this loop effect ?
- Would it be possible to get the track information page with a longpress on the part "file type / bitrate" (
below the volume information and the play icon) ?


Sorry for my approximate English...


Thank you in advance if you can make these changes !

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Again, thanks to Cholero for his work in improving rockbox for this player! 


After some getting used to it, I think I'm starting to like the new button behavior. After many times pressing the power button to try to get to the menu, then remembering to long press the play button, then watching the screen fade out, it's starting to make sense to me. It seems to me that if I do press the power button (by accident) after the screen is turned on, and then soon thereafter make another button press, the screen fade out should be cancelled - but maybe that's not possible? I don't know. 


One thing I'd like to ask - is it possible to return the default behavior for the < > buttons? Where a short press of < rewinds to the beginning of the track, and another short press soon after skips to the beginning of the previous track; and similarly for the > button. The way long presses with these buttons work now should also work, but I'm missing having the buttons be able to skip around. Yes, I know this is possible with the screen, but find it difficult to always find the right place to press while driving for instance. This button behavior that I'm asking for is the default behavior for most other rockbox builds, so I'm not sure where it went with this one. Maybe there's a setting I need to change for this to work like I'm expecting?

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In the meantime I corrected a bit my ideology about forcing people to use modification. So next time I will also post a build with "classic" button and backlight behavior.


I think backlight fading can't be canceled. I didn't pay attention on this because i have it disabled (I dislike the flickering too much).


The < > supposed to work as usual! I dont have the player with me so I can't try it right now. It should be for both < and >

> down, > up   - skip

> down, hold >  - seek forward

> down, > up, > down, hold >  - skip to next folder


It isn't like that? I will double-check it this evening. Are you using 0913 build? 


Edit: a difference since 08-27 build is that timers are faster, this means that it takes less time that a keypress is interpreted as a repeated press (in our case seeking instead of skipping).


Edit2: tried again (my actual build that is more or less the same) and I don't see any unexpected behavior when skipping songs.

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