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For Sale or Trade:
Centerance DACmini CX (dac/amp)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello Head-fi,


Due to upgradities and succumbing to my urges, I now have this wonderful piece of equipment for sale.


This has honestly been the greatest piece of audio equipment I have owned so far. A fantastically well rounded product. It has driven my Denon D7000, HD650, LCD-2s, LCD-3s and LCD-Xs perfectly. Really one of the best all-in-one solutions on the market, but it also stands up on its own in regards to those looking to use it as a dac only as it is very transparent and resolving.


Comes with the original box, usb cable, power adapter.







Retail: $800


Price: $500 shipped and paypal'd in the US. Local pick up in the LA area is welcomed.


Trades: Anything, let me see what you got!



Have a nice day,